Prof. J.Gary Eden is invited to give a short course "laser and optoelectronics".
Published:2012-03-22 Hit:2314

Professor Eden is Director of the Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering, a laboratory in ECE illinois devoted to the study and applications of the interaction of visible and ultraviolet radiation with matter.?The laboratory has discovered more than a dozen lasers or amplifiers in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared, including the first ultraviolet and violet fiber lasers, atomic lasers pumped by the photoexcitation of atomic collision pairs, and the Cd? and Zn-halide diatomic systems.?With his students, Professor Eden has demonstrated several powerful laser spectroscopic techniques that have resulted in the discovery of (for example) Rydberg series in the rare gas dimer molecules, the first observation of excitation spectra for the photoassociation of thermal atom pairs, and three body photoassociation.?In the ultrafast domain (npn plasma bipolar junction transistor.?Dr. Eden has authored more than 250 journal publications and 35 awarded patents.?His is a co-founder of Eden Park Illumination and EP Purification.

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