Dean Addressed
Published:2012-08-10 Hit:8350

The Department of Electronic Science and Technology is one of five Departments in the College of Electronics and Information Engineering and was established at Tongji University in 2002. Over the last ten years, our graduates have been serving the society in key positions and have made tremendous contribution and impact to the development of the country in its evolution from an industrial-based to knowledge-based economy. The field of electronic science and technology encompasses many exciting theories and technologies such as microelectronics and nanoelectronics, circuits and systems, VLSI, RF/microwave devices and electromagnetics, laser and optoelectronics, etc. This important area serves an indispensable hardware foundation for any information system and has been one of the fastest growing and most challenging areas enabling the rapid development of the modern information-based society.

The Department has a wide range of teaching and research activities which can be roughly categorized into six areas, namely (1) microelectronics/nanoelectronics and chip design, (2) circuit and system, (3) VLSI and signal processing, (4) laser and optoelectronic technology, (5) RF/microwave devices and electromagnetics, (6) wireless telecommunication and channel analysis. Our teaching activities are highly internationalized and can provide about fifteen courses with a full-English teaching style in both undergraduate and graduate level. We regularly invite famous professors from other countries to teach short courses and have established a very efficient international teaching exchange program. Our research activities are supported by many grants awarded by the government and industry and are also quite internationalized. We have a deep and extensive cooperation with more than ten internationally well-known research laboratories in the world. Our students are frequently given the opportunities to study abroad and attend international conferences. Apart from basic research work, our faculty members and students have also been actively engaged in applied research work and technology transformation by collaborating with industry partners. The mission of the Department is to produce the highest-quality graduates to serve the society and conduct cutting-edge research work to advance the state-of-the-art technologies. To this end, we strive for excellence in teaching, research and professional services.

The Department's website provides a plenty of information about many if not all aspects of the Department. We hope you find the information useful and would of course welcome your comments.


Professor Meisong Tong

Chair of the Department


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